Service Opportunities

"How Can I Be Of Service?"

You can always ask if a meeting has an opportunity, become a sponsor, make a program call, and share at a meeting.

We need a new H&I Chair. The H&I chair organizes a committee to provide meetings to marijuana addicts in hospitals and institutions. Service sponsorship is available. Please let your GSR know or contact John L. If you are interested:

The H&I chairperson is elected by our District Service Committee. A suggested term of service is one year.

Qualifications: It is suggested the chairperson have a minimum of one year of continuous sobriety (defined as abstinence from marijuana and all other self-prescribed mind-altering substances, including alcohol).


Coordinate all H&I activities in the district/region. Maintain communication with the World Services H&I Trustee and act as liaison for the committee. Conduct regular committee meetings and be responsible for understanding the H&I Handbook. Hold orientation meetings for interested Secretaries and speakers. Report feedback about Panels at district/region meetings. Provide service sponsorship for future Chairpersons

For even more information consult the MAWS H&I Handbook

The H&I Committee is looking for more volunteers to help contact facilities to offer literature, pamphlets, and meetings.

If interested, ask your GSR for Mae’s contact information.

Friday 6:00 PM Oakland, Newcomers Meeting
Friday 7:30 PM Walnut Creek
Saturday 11:00 AM San Francisco
Sunday 10:15 AM Oakland
Sunday 5:00 PM Oakland

No coding? No problem!
Anyone, no matter if you have 1 day or 1,000 days sober, can join the internet committee.
You help out our fabulous chair, Flannery, to keep us in the 21st century with our internet updates.
Please contact Flannery for further information at:

No long recovery time? No problem!
Anyone, no matter if you have 1 day or 1,000 days sober, can join the events committee.
You help out our joyful events chair, Jeff, to spread the word about the awesome opportunities to connect with each other in fellowship outside of meetings. Please contact Jeff for further information at: