February 15, 2021

Join District 2 Public Information every 4th Friday of the month at 12:00pm PST to inform local community members that marijuana addiction is real, there is hope and that Marijuana Anonymous District 2 is here to help. Email to join our working meeting!

February 7, 2021

Want to be a delegate for MA District 2 at the upcoming Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference taking place on May 28-30 2021?

If interested, please attend the District 2 DSC meeting taking place on February 14th to get more information and sign up. Delegate information packets will be available on February 28th, and a training session for delegates will take place on March 6th.

There is a clean and sober requirement of one year to serve as a District 2 Delegate.

To get a link for the upcoming DSC meeting on February 14th contact John L at

December 13, 2020

All District 2 meetings have been moved online during the “Shelter-in-Place” orders. See the Meetings page for the most current information on how to join these meetings.

Any planned in-person event advertised on this site is, of course, subject to the needs to contain the Covid-19 virus, so they may be rescheduled, moved online, or canceled. Check with the event organizers to determine if, how, and when to join these activities.