March 11, 2021

PDF of the 2021 MAWS Conference Agenda An agenda packet abridged for the use of GSR’s and the membership has been released. The PDF contains the agenda items which we’ll be reviewing in our group business meetings over the next few months. There is a longer packet for the elected delegates which includes the schedule for the Conference.  Both can be found on the MA World Services Conference website:

Have Questions? Contact Nina (

February 7, 2021

Want to be a delegate for MA District 2 at the upcoming Marijuana Anonymous World Service Conference taking place on May 28-30 2021?

If interested, please attend the District 2 DSC meeting taking place on February 14th to get more information and sign up. Delegate information packets will be available on February 28th, and a training session for delegates will take place on March 6th.

There is a clean and sober requirement of one year to serve as a District 2 Delegate.

To get a link for the upcoming DSC meeting on February 14th contact John L at

December 13, 2020

All District 2 meetings have been moved online during the “Shelter-in-Place” orders. See the Meetings page for the most current information on how to join these meetings.

Any planned in-person event advertised on this site is, of course, subject to the needs to contain the Covid-19 virus, so they may be rescheduled, moved online, or canceled. Check with the event organizers to determine if, how, and when to join these activities.