RESOURCES - MA District 2

This is District 2 of Marijuana Anonymous
We serve the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you represent a school, group of law enforcement officials, organization of mental health practitioners, or other type of group that would like to learn more about Marijuana Anonymous, please call us at:

(510) 957-8390 or use our Contact Form

When you leave a message, please include the name of your facility and your mailing address so we can send you information.
Marijuana Anonymous World Services (MAWS)
The Marijuana Anonymous World Services website has a lot of valuable resources, including the MA Online Literature Repository, global meeting schedules, help for setting up a new MA meeting, and more.
MA also produces A New Leaf, a monthly newsletter. Click to submit your story to A New Leaf, to submit a birthday, and to answer the latest Roving Report question
This book fully describes the steps and traditions of the program as they relate specifically to marijuana addicts. It is an excellent resource for any marijuana addict seeking recovery through the twelve step program. It is available from Marijuana Anonymous World Services website.
Service in MA
Service is a key tradition of MA. This list of service positions covers all positions at MA Meetings, at Districts, and for MA World Services. Service news and opportunities for MA District 2 can be found here.


  • A very limited number of MA 25th Anniversary coins are available for purchase from the Chips and Literature chair for $20/each. Once these are gone, coins cost $25 from MA World Services. Contact your meeting's GSR or email Chips & Lit if interested.
  • MA and the A's! MA District 2 has discount tickets for the Oakland A's game September 3 vs. Seattle Mariners. Call Chris M (510) 705-2516 for tickets.
  • Visit the MA District 2 Events page for a full list of events. Come and join in the fellowship.
  • Wednesday Night Meeting: New Location! The Wednesday night First Berkeley group MA meeting is now located at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church at 1823 9th Street in the Sisson Salon Room. Click here for a map.
  • Wednesday Night Monthly 'Potless' Potluck - last Wednesday of the month, after 6:15 meeting until 9pm. Bring a dish and enjoy the food & fellowship.
  • Support MA meetings: Monday MA meeting needs support from people with clean time. Friday meeting needs support.
  • MarAnon (12 Steps for friends & loved ones of Marijuana Addicts) monthly meeting in SF (See
  • Current issue of A New Leaf, MA's monthly newsletter, available online.