Events | MA District 2

MADistrict 2 - East Bay
  • Wednesday Night Monthly 'Potless' Potluck - last Wednesday of the month, after 6:15 meeting until 9pm. Bring a dish and enjoy the food & fellowship.

Other MA Events
San Francisco - see MA District 1
North Bay - see MA District 12
South Bay - see MA District 3

Please note: Due to the public nature of the information on this website, we do not publish anyone's last names, in following with the concept of Anonymity outlined in MA's 11th Tradition. If you want information on these events please come to a MA meeting and ask someone to put you in touch with one of the contact folks.


  • Young Person's hike the first Saturday of every month.
  • MA District 2 is looking for hospitals and institutions (H&I) and public information (PI) chairpeople. If interested please attend the July district service committee (DSC) meeting.
  • Fundraiser at Oakland A’s games this summer. 7/21, 8/10, 9/9; all 7:30pm games. Contact Chris McC for details.
  • Monthly District Service Committee (DSC) meets on the second Sunday of the month at First Congregational Church, 2501 Harrison St. Oakland, 6:00pm.
  • Support MA meetings: Thursday afternoon meeting needs support. District 13 (MA Online) needs support from folks with clean time.