Service Opportunities

“How can I be of service?”

You can always ask if a meeting has an opportunity, become a sponsor, make a program call, and share at a meeting.

MA DISTRICT 2 SERVICE (East Bay and San Francisco)


Friday 6:00 PM Oakland, Newcomers Meeting
Friday 7:30 PM Walnut Creek
Saturday 11:00 AM San Francisco
Sunday 10:15 AM Oakland
Sunday 5:00 PM Oakland

Hospitals & Institutions Chair
Hospitals & Institutions is a public service arm of our program that works toward spreading the recovery message of Marijuana Anonymous in clinical settings. As the H&I chair you will help to arrange panels and coordinate speaker meetings at inpatient facilities, and more. Contact for more information.

Events Chair Committee Members

No long recovery time? No problem!
Anyone, no matter if you have 1 day or 1,000 days sober, can join the events committee.
You help out our joyful events chair, Jeff, to spread the word about the awesome opportunities to connect with each other in fellowship outside of meetings. Please contact Jeff for further information at:

Internet Committee Member: MA APP

No coding? No problem!
Anyone, no matter if you have 1 day or 1,000 days sober, can join the internet committee.
You help out our fabulous chair, Flannery, to keep us in the 21st century with our internet updates.
Please contact Flannery for further information at:


Remote Sponsorship Project

MAWS helps people in remote areas to find sponsors in their region.
If you’re looking for sponsees and are able to work remotely (just phone calls, or video chat)
then this is your chance to put your 12th step into action and carry the message to recovering potheads all over the globe!
For more information please contact Joe A.