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H&I Committee Seeking Recorded Shares By Dual-Diagnosis Members

The H&I Committee is looking for members who have a dual diagnosis (mental health as well as substance abuse) to record 5 to 10 minute shares that will be available to patients at inpatient psychiatric institutions. Ideal candidates are individuals who were admitted to a hospital or psychiatric unit, but include anyone who self-medicated a psychiatric condition with marijuana only to find that complete abstinence and working a recovery program were necessary to effectively cope with the illness. Flyers with more information are available at meetings.

Submit Sobriety Dates & Content to Newsletter

GSR’s can give birthdays to our ANL bureau chief, Nina S. for inclusion in our newsletter, A New Leaf. Submit birthdays that have already occurred and are not older than 45 days.

A New Leaf is also looking for literature submissions including, for example, personal stories, poems, songs, and/or meeting histories. Send such submissions to the Bureau Chief for District 2, Nina S.